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Question I just got sent to me from a co-worker
"in kali there is a folder var and has a www apache webpage folder and when I do ls -l shows user root hence I cant edit that folder. Any idea on how it can be changed ?"

I mean, I don't even know how to start responding to this.

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MS has all of their .net builds available as docker images. So now my entire Intune app library is automagically built on Arch, in an Ubuntu .net docker, to deploy software on Windows. Huh.

Every once in a while I remember that computers are weird.

Oh hey, I think I'm back on the Fediverse.
Protip, don't forget to remove old DDNS entries that "update" your services and takes down the new snazzy ones.

Looking at my weekend checklist, I have accomplished... Exactly 1 of the things I meant to.
Which was to do nothing, ignore all of the other things, and relax.
So a good weekend all in all.

Nice, got this here instance moved to a git fork and updated and nothing seems borked so far.
Weekend project: Break it.

Today's dirty bean water brought to you by, "Ah damn, I still have to work today."


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